Sunday, October 30, 2011

do you believe in aliens? i do you see when god created earth he created other worlds to, i think the only reasen we havent seen aliens yet is becuase we havent gone far anough into space. ive done alot of research on pictures sightings and theories so far i can tell when a picture is fake or possibly real.

do you  believe in the chupicabra? i dont you see new research states its a type of mutated dog not some type of evil monster attacking your pets, theyve shown one, it was bald with wrinkly cracked skin it had red eyes and sharp teeth and it had long legs and pointy ears its really ugly but the worst part is that there in south florida to so protect your cats dogs cow and chickens at night!

do you believe in bigfoot, i dont and you shouldnt either they have no real proof and all the pictures are fake,i advise you to choose a diferent hobbie you freaks!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

my first blog

this is my first ,blog ...

have you ever wondered what pet would be right for you? would you want more then one of them? well i have owned many pets over the years right now i have a rabbit two cats two dogs  a giant oscar and two guinia pigs and at one point time i had birds turtles lizerds and hamsters (i love hamsters!) if you want to get a pet for the first time guinia pigs would be perfect, they are  a lovable gaint hamsters that is addicted to alfalfa. you can even teach them tricks! my first guinia pig could play dead on command! well inyway i love all my pets even though its a lot a work... but if your lazy and dont want to put alot of effort in to taking care of  a pet get a cat they dont really care what you do as long as they have food water and cat box